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Suffolk at the MIT Legal Hackathon

MIT is hosting a legal hackathon between June 12 and 14.  Details are here. I'm delighted that Gabe Teninbaum and I will be running a session at the event relating to the drafting of effective legal language.  You can learn more here and here.

The Most Important Knowledge and Skills for Recent Law Grads

[Cross-posted at Legal Ethics Forum] Professor Neil Hamilton recently posted Changing Markets Create Opportunities: Emphasizing the Competencies Legal Employers Use in Hiring New Lawyers (Including Professional Formation/Professionalism) on SSRN.  Here's the absract: To guide legal educators and law students in responding to challenging markets both for entry-level employment and for applications to law schools, this

Protecting Client Confidences in a Digital Age: The Case of the NSA

The following item originally appeared on Jurist: Protecting client confidences used to be so much easier.  Lawyers could place sensitive documents in a locked file cabinet behind a locked office door, and that pretty much did the trick. Today, the protection of confidential information is considerably more difficult. Lawyers store a range of information in

Innovation in Legal Education

In a competition for the best oxymoron, “innovation in legal education” would surely be a contender.  After all, law schools have taught students largely the same knowledge and skillset for decades, despite dramatic changes to the modern legal marketplace.  One explanation for the lack of innovation is that lawyers are trained to be backward-looking –

A Brilliant Solution to Dead End Hyperlinks in Court Opinions and Scholarship

[Cross-posted at Legal Ethics Forum] The New York Times has a great article today by Adam Liptak describing an increasing problem: hyperlinks in Supreme Court opinions that lead to nowhere.  Liptak 's article also mentions a brilliant solution -- a website at Harvard (called perma.cc) that captures web pages, stores them, and allows people to

Crowdsourcing What a Lawyer Needs to Know About Technology

What does a lawyer need to know about technology?  Suffolk Law's Institute on Law Practice Technology and Innovation has launched this crowdsourcing site to find out.  The site will help guide the Institute as it automates and enhances the legal technology audit that Casey Flaherty has pioneered at Kia Motors America.